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My daughter has studied violin for eight years - the last four of which have been with Mark Braunstein; not only does she look forward to her lessons each week, she has steadily developed her technique and deepened her connection with the instrument through her work with him.  Mark's approach keeps the student actively engaged and produces steady progress as well as big leaps in both skill and commitment.

Mark is exacting, and he provides a practical approach to learning a difficult instrument and understanding complex, but finally, inspiring music. As a teacher in a creative field, I know how fortunate we are to have a violin teacher with such a range of professional experience who is passionate about teaching and who, as a master coach, uses state-of-the-art teaching techniques with his students.

Joy Manesiotis
Mother of student
Professor of Creative Writing
University of Redlands

Mark Braunstein is not just a teacher, he is a musician and a philosopher. He really thinks about how to teach an individual, about their abilities and how to bring them to the next level.  He will often try new things and it's transforming. His ideas work like magic. He is such a caring person. He searches through every corner of his mind to give every student a great experience with the violin and to help them learn to their fullest potential. He has a big heart and is willing to give up so much for his students. He brings the experience of a lifetime to his teaching to give students a fuller picture of how to play and how to enjoy playing.

Jingfu Peng
Violin student and concert pianist

Mark approaches each student with respect, patience and most importantly, compassion. He can pinpoint and correct a student’s technical problem on the spot in a way that the student very easily understands. His knowledge of muscle and body movement lets him teach students what many teachers fail to: how to maximize playing potential with the least amount of effort. Once this relaxed way of playing is attained, a sense of confidence is instilled, as well as a wider range of tonal colors which makes for beautiful playing. Bravo, Mark!

Brandon Chui
Violist Hamilton Symphony

"Mark Braunstein is one of the most insightful, caring and gifted music
teachers I have ever encountered. Few, if any, others can offer such a wealth of experience upon which to draw. A former member of the Cleveland Orchestra and principal violist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, Mr. Braunstein also is vastly experienced with specialized teaching techniques relating to body alignment, stress reduction and mental focus. His holistic approach benefits young aspirants and seasoned professionals alike. Furthermore, he sees each student as an individual with unique skills and needs, and he designs the lesson plans accordingly. Without a doubt, Mr. Braunstein's talent, musicianship, warmth and great sense of humor can work wonders!"

Dr. Stanley Friedman

"In the eight years I have known Mark Braunstein, I have found him to be the consummate, scholar, teacher and coach. Mark is able to translate the most complex of ideas into small easily understandable concepts for players of any age. He is an experienced, patient, seasoned professional whose primary goal with his students is for them to grow to their greatest potential."

Scott Card
Cello Teacher
Houston, Texas

" Its something I totally needed. It helped me focus on my body which in turn helped my sound. I am better able to play in a relaxed manner which is essential for good tone quality."

Jenn Ahn, violinist
Toronto, Canada

"Mark Braunstein is not your average teacher. I have never felt that he was imposing a teaching style or method on me. Rather, he ends up helping me to discover why my difficulties exist, and has never failed to offer me a way to over come them. I have come to realize that Mark's expertise as a teacher comes from an extraordinary knowledge of body mechanics, a formidable career as a concert musician and most importantly, a genius at explaining things. Thanks to Mark, I have never played better, and I always feel myself improving as a violinist and musician."

Paul Cheng
Violin teacher
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I have known Mark Braunstein for many years. He is a sensitive musician and caring person. I have seen him in action and can verify that he is capable of helping people solve technical problems on the spot. Moreover, his experience in a top position in a top orchestra such as Cleveland gave him solid knowledge of the orchestral repertoire."

Lev Polyakin
Assistant Concertmaster, Cleveland Orchestra
Prize Winner, Carl Flesch International Competition, 1984

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