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Do you have shaking, discomfort, tendonitus, poor posture or cold hands when you perform? Have painful conditions forced you to stop playing? Let me help you relieve these problems through well-known mind/body therapies that I've adapted for musicians' injuries.

I can also help you improve your concentration, memory, intonation and reduce stage fright to help you reach a higher level of performance and personal enjoyment.

My 13 years of research and experimentation can offer you a natural approach to injury rehabilitation and peak performance. My one-on-one or group sessions with musicians incorporate ideas derived from Bio-Feedback, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, NLP , strength training, visualization, yoga, autogenic training. To these alternative therapies, I combine traditional approaches and methods to learning and mastering the violin and viola. All musicians, regardless of instrument, can benefit from these therapies.

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